Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How about some Sunshine?

Bring some sunshine into your life. We here in NYC had such a short summer, truly we were jipped. With this cold weather upon us (47 degrees tonight) and a special kitty I met finally on Sunday, I want to tell you about Sunshine.
Sunshine is the mom of the M litter. You may have seen them, they are all adopted now. They were Mike, Megan, Marv, Matilda, Miko, and Maisie. Sunshine was found on the street in Bed-Stuy. She was found very pregnant. She is only a baby herself. This poor girl, we are sure someone threw her out when they realised she had some buns in the oven. She was not in bad shape, wasn't outside for too long. She still managed to be such a nice cat. She had her babies, 6, a week after Kathleen took her in.That was a few months ago.Now Sunshine is ready to go into her own home. As I said she is a wonderfully nice cat. She of course likes to play being 11 months old. But she is also affectionate and easy going.
If you would like to foster or adopt Sunshine, send us an email. She really deserves it!

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