Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fostering Good “Katma”

Not sure you’re ready for the long-term commitment of pet ownership? In need of extra good “katma” for your dogma? It’s time to consider fostering!  Not only will you benefit from the joy of a snuggly, playful cuddle-buddy but you will also be helping a cat in need.
Hundreds of animals at the Animal Care and Control are put to sleep every day due to lack of space or money. By fostering a cat, you will save a life and reap the rewards of the good “katma” that comes with it!  Watch this video of Harriet one of A Tail's fosters.

Rescued from the euthanasia list and the city kill shelters, these animals were someone’s pets and now are homeless. If you can foster a couple kittens or adult cat you will be saving an animal's life.
Cats and dogs, former pets, are abandoned by their owner.
Please consider fostering and you will be saving one life. And they show their appreciation becoming a wonderful furry companion!

Adoption events are held a few times a month where we try to get your foster pet adopted. This is a great way to have a pet in your life without the permanent commitment. A wonderful way to give a loving animal/companion a home until he or she finds a forever home.

If you travel for business or are here in NYC as an expat this is a great way to bring some fun and happiness into your life while living here in NYC.

This is no cost to you except for food and love. Fostering can be as little as a few weeks or months.

To volunteer or for more info email volunteer@atailatatime.org

A Tail at a Time, Pet Adoption and Rescue is a no kill pet rescue and adoption group. A non profit 501c3 organization, member of the Mayor’s Alliance and Maddie’s Fund.

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