Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How about some Sunshine?

Bring some sunshine into your life. We here in NYC had such a short summer, truly we were jipped. With this cold weather upon us (47 degrees tonight) and a special kitty I met finally on Sunday, I want to tell you about Sunshine.
Sunshine is the mom of the M litter. You may have seen them, they are all adopted now. They were Mike, Megan, Marv, Matilda, Miko, and Maisie. Sunshine was found on the street in Bed-Stuy. She was found very pregnant. She is only a baby herself. This poor girl, we are sure someone threw her out when they realised she had some buns in the oven. She was not in bad shape, wasn't outside for too long. She still managed to be such a nice cat. She had her babies, 6, a week after Kathleen took her in.That was a few months ago.Now Sunshine is ready to go into her own home. As I said she is a wonderfully nice cat. She of course likes to play being 11 months old. But she is also affectionate and easy going.
If you would like to foster or adopt Sunshine, send us an email. She really deserves it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dogs over 25 pounds banned from NYC Public Housing

Pit bulls get such a bad rap. They are not bad evil animals. There are some but it is their owners who made them this way. Why did pit bulls have to become a symbol for being
"bad"? As in cool? I see them in my neighborhood, some of them not fixed, ugh. Their owners having the look of "don't mess with me". This is what other people see. But there are the few that have pitbulls who are mushy huggers and big babies.

NYC Housing Authority has passed a law that dogs over 25 lbs cannot live in public housing. Owners who did have dogs over this weight already had to register them by May 1st. However, some of those dogs were not allowed registration bc they were over the weight limit of 25 lbs. What happened on May 1st when this went into effect? 113 dogs surrendered to the city shelters. 49 of them euthanised because they became sick, due to the shelter or there was not enough space for them. HOW UNFAIR! There are many adorable, loveable pit bulls out there.
NY Times has a piece today about it:

WHAT CAN YOU DO? educate people that pit bulls are not bad dogs, their owners are. Encourage spay/neuter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Kitty Chronicles

Happy Adoption Tails
Below is an email we received from Cliff and Janine their new guardians.

"So glad we didn't separate them. They are inseparable! I swear they even breathe in and out in synch! They do absolutely everything in perfect synchronization, and follow each other everywhere. They are such incredible buddies! We are soooo glad they will be able to spend their lives together! Swiffer is definitely the most courageous and bold; tucker tends to follow her lead. They wake at the same moment, eat cheek to cheek, play with the same toy at the same time, chase each other back and forth, seek our affection at the same moment, and then crash into a deep sleep at the same moment. Like one!
Thank you so much for Swiffer, and thank you so much for all you do for these precious creatures in need. We are so excited about re-uniting Garfield and Morris (Swiffer and Tucker), and are very grateful to be able to share our lives with them.

Enjoy the pics!
Cliff and Janine

Monday, September 7, 2009

Garfield Adopted! oh and she's a girl.

Well we learned last week that Garfield is a girl....a name mistake, that happens often at the shelters. However, the party interested in adopting her did not care. We delivered Garfield/Greta and they fell in love. We received an email: Wonderful! She is such a sweetie. I slept on a pull out in the great room so she wouldn't spend her first night alone and she slept suction cupped to me all night long, purring and sleeping. Of course this morning she woke up with incredible energy, and I think by now she has pounced on every nook and cranny in the great room. We are looking forward to re-uniting her with Morris!
As you see they are now interested in adopting her brother, the orange tabby, Morris!
YAY! And the people are wonderful cat people! I'm so happy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 kittens for adoption

Sarah, Garfield, Tilly and Morris are eight week old kittens (as of 8/22/09) from the same litter, who were recently saved from the Euthanasia list. They are now enjoying life in their temporary foster home but they are all on the hunt for a more permanent arrangement with someone who can give any or all of them the nurturing and companionship they deserve.

Sarah, the black and white kitten, is very curious and loves to be around people and play with other cats. She loves to sleep in the bed next to people but will take a nap in your lap any time of day. The cutest marking on her is the little black spot on and under her chin (it's like a goatee!).
Garfield, the orange kitten, is rambunctious and playful. Morris, aka Boots, the orange kitten with the very pink nose and white paws, is a little bit shy but LOVES to be held. And finally, Tilly, a male white/ tiger mix kitten, who is also shy but is eager to play and is very sweet.

Animals dying Aug 24

I read these lists of animals that will have to die every day because there is not enough space. It is very difficult and lately has been making my stomach uneasy. People say don't read them. I usually try not to. Because of other people's irresponsibility these innocent cats will die, soon to be moms, new litters at 7 weeks old, and the reason is space. I wish everybody will realise how important it is to spay/neuter. Now some cute furries will be put to sleep tomorrow morning.

Our first cats- Aug 22

We saw a pretty girl named Stan at the city shelter (yes it seems some city shelter employees do not know genders). Well we saved her from the euthanasia that was going to happen the next morning. She was on the list because there was no space for her. Stan, now named Nora, is a very pretty striped kitty with a white face. Coral has calico spots that are those dark blacks and chestnut browns. Her face is very feminine and she loves to cuddle and play.
So we went to pick her up also needing to get a young kitten. After 2 hours looking around we left with 1 litter of 4 that were left in a box, a 3 mos old Coral, and Nora.
Nora and Coral will be going into our shelter site at Happy Feet Pet Store 754 10th ave at 51st in Manhattan. Hopefully their new room will be ready tomorrow!
It was difficult to choose, while we were there 2 more litters came in and a 5 week old baby by himself. He was a black kitten. I learned at the shelter that even some rescuers will not rescue black kittens. In some cultures black cats are lucky. Why must a cat die because he has black fur

Aug 1 2009 starting out

I have worked in a cat rescue and wanted to work with cats and dogs. After a few years I became unsatisfied with the way that rescue group was operating I decided I wanted to start my own. A friend and I both had the same grievances, so we started A Tail at a Time, Pet Adoption and Rescue. We will rescue animals from the streets of NYC. Yes in New York City people throw their animals out. These may be the fortunate ones, for those animals who's owners think they are doing them a favour end up at the city kill shelter. People damn the shelter, but they have no space for all the animals that are turned in every week so unfortunately at 6 a.m. daily euthanasia begins. By contract with the city they must accept all animals. We will also work at rescuing these guys!
This blog will be about starting and having a non profit rescue group in one of the world's largest cities, beginning with 2 women.