Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dogs over 25 pounds banned from NYC Public Housing

Pit bulls get such a bad rap. They are not bad evil animals. There are some but it is their owners who made them this way. Why did pit bulls have to become a symbol for being
"bad"? As in cool? I see them in my neighborhood, some of them not fixed, ugh. Their owners having the look of "don't mess with me". This is what other people see. But there are the few that have pitbulls who are mushy huggers and big babies.

NYC Housing Authority has passed a law that dogs over 25 lbs cannot live in public housing. Owners who did have dogs over this weight already had to register them by May 1st. However, some of those dogs were not allowed registration bc they were over the weight limit of 25 lbs. What happened on May 1st when this went into effect? 113 dogs surrendered to the city shelters. 49 of them euthanised because they became sick, due to the shelter or there was not enough space for them. HOW UNFAIR! There are many adorable, loveable pit bulls out there.
NY Times has a piece today about it:

WHAT CAN YOU DO? educate people that pit bulls are not bad dogs, their owners are. Encourage spay/neuter.

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Courtney K. said...

I did a deep investigation, interviewing a lot of public housing residences...check out the results at New York Tails!

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