Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aug 1 2009 starting out

I have worked in a cat rescue and wanted to work with cats and dogs. After a few years I became unsatisfied with the way that rescue group was operating I decided I wanted to start my own. A friend and I both had the same grievances, so we started A Tail at a Time, Pet Adoption and Rescue. We will rescue animals from the streets of NYC. Yes in New York City people throw their animals out. These may be the fortunate ones, for those animals who's owners think they are doing them a favour end up at the city kill shelter. People damn the shelter, but they have no space for all the animals that are turned in every week so unfortunately at 6 a.m. daily euthanasia begins. By contract with the city they must accept all animals. We will also work at rescuing these guys!
This blog will be about starting and having a non profit rescue group in one of the world's largest cities, beginning with 2 women.

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