Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 kittens for adoption

Sarah, Garfield, Tilly and Morris are eight week old kittens (as of 8/22/09) from the same litter, who were recently saved from the Euthanasia list. They are now enjoying life in their temporary foster home but they are all on the hunt for a more permanent arrangement with someone who can give any or all of them the nurturing and companionship they deserve.

Sarah, the black and white kitten, is very curious and loves to be around people and play with other cats. She loves to sleep in the bed next to people but will take a nap in your lap any time of day. The cutest marking on her is the little black spot on and under her chin (it's like a goatee!).
Garfield, the orange kitten, is rambunctious and playful. Morris, aka Boots, the orange kitten with the very pink nose and white paws, is a little bit shy but LOVES to be held. And finally, Tilly, a male white/ tiger mix kitten, who is also shy but is eager to play and is very sweet.

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