Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our first cats- Aug 22

We saw a pretty girl named Stan at the city shelter (yes it seems some city shelter employees do not know genders). Well we saved her from the euthanasia that was going to happen the next morning. She was on the list because there was no space for her. Stan, now named Nora, is a very pretty striped kitty with a white face. Coral has calico spots that are those dark blacks and chestnut browns. Her face is very feminine and she loves to cuddle and play.
So we went to pick her up also needing to get a young kitten. After 2 hours looking around we left with 1 litter of 4 that were left in a box, a 3 mos old Coral, and Nora.
Nora and Coral will be going into our shelter site at Happy Feet Pet Store 754 10th ave at 51st in Manhattan. Hopefully their new room will be ready tomorrow!
It was difficult to choose, while we were there 2 more litters came in and a 5 week old baby by himself. He was a black kitten. I learned at the shelter that even some rescuers will not rescue black kittens. In some cultures black cats are lucky. Why must a cat die because he has black fur

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