Monday, September 7, 2009

Garfield Adopted! oh and she's a girl.

Well we learned last week that Garfield is a girl....a name mistake, that happens often at the shelters. However, the party interested in adopting her did not care. We delivered Garfield/Greta and they fell in love. We received an email: Wonderful! She is such a sweetie. I slept on a pull out in the great room so she wouldn't spend her first night alone and she slept suction cupped to me all night long, purring and sleeping. Of course this morning she woke up with incredible energy, and I think by now she has pounced on every nook and cranny in the great room. We are looking forward to re-uniting her with Morris!
As you see they are now interested in adopting her brother, the orange tabby, Morris!
YAY! And the people are wonderful cat people! I'm so happy!

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