Monday, October 12, 2009

PROJECT FLUFFY PUMPKIN - fabric, beds and towels needed!

Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Animal Shelter for the first time. We were picking up 5 kittens. Although it is somewhat a sad place, they have painted the walls happy colours and even painted murals in the outside lobby areas. So many dogs and cats......Please think of adopting. All of these guys were someone's pet. Now because their humans got divorced, developed allergies, decided there was no time for the pet or simply don't want it anymore, these furries are waiting hopefully to get a new home before they have to be euthanized because there is not enough space for them.

There is such a shortage on beds, some of the animals didn't even have a towel. A Tail at a Time has decided to make beds and toys for the furries to try and make their stay as comfortable as possible: THE FLUFFY PUMPKIN PROJECT. If you can sew and would like to participate please send us an email, if you can't sew but have time we need people to cut fabrics. For all the non-craftsters with no time, send us money to buy the fabrics!

We are also accepting towels and old blankets to give to the shelter. Fido and Fluffy don't care if there is a hole or if it is mis-coloured.

You can send your donations to:
505 W 54th St
apt 413
NY, NY 10019

drop them off at our next event at the Javits Center on Oct 17th from 10 to 4.

drop off location is available in Brooklyn, please email for information.

Our goal for delivery is the week of Thanksgiving.


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