Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fostering is a great way to save an animal's life and also test out an animal to see if you want to adopt.
All of our animals our rescues and all of them were someone’s pet at one time. They deserve a safe, loving home.  Many of them are found outside and given to the local shelter.  Of course this person thinks they are being a good Samaritan. Maybe they are, maybe not. There is an 80% chance this animal will end up on the euthanasia list. There is not enough space or he might catch a cold while at the shelter. Once a cat or dog is sick they won't be adoptable, this is a cold, the sniffles. He or she then goes on the euthanasia list. It is so heartbreaking to see this everyday. 10 to sometimes 50 animals dying every morning.  How can you help? Fostering is the best way.  Our fostering program is free.

WHAT DO YOU DO?  give love, food, and a safe home.

WHAT WE DO: responsible for any medical expenses.
*hold adoption events two to 3 times a month
* post the foster on a variety of online sites.
If you are interested please contact us:
info@atailatatime.org or 917-216-1748

If you can't foster there are other things you can do.
Choose to adopt an animal not buy. Every animal that is purchased is one more killed at a shelter.
Promote animal adoptions.
Volunteer - spending time with an animal makes him or her so much happier. He or she is in a cage all day long. Those 30 minutes or more of playing or petting makes them happpier. People adopt happier animals.
Everybody is attracted to the cat or dog sticking their paw out of the cage, that pet is happy. Unfortunately noone wants the cat curled up scared in the back of the cage.

And most of all promote spay/neuter. Less animals born, less animals will be killed for space.

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