Friday, January 15, 2010

Saturday's With Ziggy

Last Saturday I spent the day with one of the sweetest, gentlest, handsomest kittens I've ever met. Ziggy spent over two hours zipped into my sweatshirt, curled against my heart. Of course, whenever a potential adopter walked by, I unzipped just enough so Ziggy could say hi:

For someone who's really a dog person, Ziggy stole my heart. I knew I was going to spend the day playing with cats, that's what the volunteers do at an adoption event. But I hadn't expected to have so much fun. Ed and Sam and everyone at Petqua made us feel so welcome and the more I work with all of the people who make up A Tail At A Time, the more grateful I am that I've gotten involved with this rescue. This last week has been crazy with work and everything, but one of the loveliest things running through my head has been the day I spent last Saturday, volunteering for A Tail At A Time.  It was the highlight of my week.

A post is coming soon with the photos and stories of all of the cats who were at the event.  Six of them were adopted, by the way! Isn't that great news? Six of our adoptables found homes thanks to last weeks adoption event. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the next adoption event is January 23, 2010 at Petqua, from noon to five p.m.:

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Save the date! If you are thinking about adopting a cat or dog, if you want to foster a cat or a dog, if you don't have plans on Saturday and want to volunteer to spend the day playing with kittens, email

Opt to Adopt!

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traceytoole said...

What a cutie! This makes me want to volunteer!

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