Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Need a hand here

Moby is a sweet 4 year old cat who needs your help.

After being rescued from the ACC, Moby snuck out of his apartment last night leaving him in the inside hallways of a five story building. Moby was found hiding under garbage cans, injured and frightened. His injuries are consistent with a fall of several stories. While we are not exactly sure what happened to Moby in the few hours before he was found, a neighbor thinks he might have been put out on a fire escape by another tenant.  

As of 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 26, Moby is on oxygen in the critical care unit of Emergency Veterinary Specialists. His lungs are bruised and the vet still needs to examine his stomach, liver and kidneys for additional injuries.  Moby will be spending the night in emergency care and will hopefully be released to A Tail at a Time's Vet, Dr. Giagnola.

It is a sad fact that many injured homeless pets are never able to find forever homes due to the overwhelming cost of medical care. Moby was very close to being adopted when this happened. We are asking for donations to help us pay for his urgent veterinary care. Any donation you can give will help Moby have a chance at finding his forever home.

There are three ways to donate:
1. Visit our website and donate via paypal
2. Send a check or money order to: A Tail At A Time, PO Box 1655 Radio City Station, NY NY 10101
3. Call NYC Vet Specialist at 212-767-0099 and tell them you would like to make a donation for Moby under A Tail At A Time

We are very grateful for all of your help and support. We'll keep you posted on Moby's progress. Please keep your fingers crossed.

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