Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Feature

Once upon a time there lived a pair of cats named Francis and Candy. Francis was a gorgeous orange tom cat with big gold eyes and a coat that glowed like golden embers. He was mysterious, brooding and in love with a tuxedoed beauty named Candy. Candy was a dainty thing who sang torch songs at a local piano bar. Her black coat shone like moonshadows and her bosom was whiter than the whitest snow. She was named for her disposition, for she was a sweet girl.

Francis spent night after night sipping martini's while Candy sang torch songs in the back of a bar. Days flew into weeks blew into months and their eyes never met not once. Until one windy November night at the end of a particularly brooding set, Francis sent a bottle of chilled champagne to Candy's dressing room with a note that read, "Give me your heart and I'll give you everything."


If Francis and Candy were real cats, real adoptable cats instead of storybook cats, they'd be right here in New York City. And actually they are:

Francis, The Brooding Tom

Candy, The Crooning Tuxedo

Candy is two and Francis is one. They both tested positive for FIV. As long as they are well taken care of - fed nutritious food, loved, protected from stress and general unhappiness - they can live perfectly normal, healthy, happy lives. If you'd like to learn more about FIV, click here. If you'd like to learn more about Francis and Candy, click here. If you'd like to volunteer with A Tail, foster a homeless animal or adopt, email

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Scrumpi-D said...

If I didn't already have the Jester Chester's sister princess Sybil and their arch nemesis Hatshepsut, I would totally opt to adopt and unite this pair of star-crossed love-birds. Nice one, in the name of one cat-lovin' Tante!

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