Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The last post was a little grumpy, I know, but I get so upset when I hear about animal hoarding situations. This one especially rankled because if that woman had taken her original two cats to any one of the free spay/neuter clinics in this city the entire thing could have been avoided.

That being said, we now have three new beautiful, adorable, fuzzy fuzz-balls who need forever homes. I would like to introduce you to Swizzle, Prod and Nod*:

How can you ever survive such cuteness?

For more information about these beautiful babies, email info@atailatatime.org.

Opt to Adopt!

*Not their real names. I don't know their real names yet.

UPDATE: The mama-cat is Serafina and the kittens are Ruby, Apollo and Melanie. 


Kim said...

I cannot survive such cuteness. Can I adopt them cross-country?

Frosty said...

Can you fly me to Berkeley for a home-check?

Frosty said...

:) I meant that in a good way even though it could be taken in a bad way.

Kim said...

I took it in a good way. My home is small, but good! :) I don't know how the kitties would do with a cross-country delivery though...Also, it's possible that my apartment gets too warm in the summertime and a kitty would not be happy.

Frosty said...

Excuses, excuses. Cats are desert animals! Though in all honesty, I have no idea if A Tail will adopt cross-country. I will have to check that out. (And also I'm aware you weren't really trying to adopt a cat just then.)

Kim said...

Well, maybe I wasn't *actively* trying, but I'm not 100% opposed to the idea either. I have a lot of "logical" and "reasonable" reasons why I shouldn't adopt a kitty, but a lot of "irrational" and "hormonal" (and "good") reasons why I should.

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