Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year 2011

With the New Year here we all make resolutions or goals of some sort. Or maybe you do it for your birthday. Either way it is a good way to start fresh. At A Tail at a Time our constant ultimate goal is to save as many kitty  lives as possible. But there are so many smaller goals to achieve in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

Many pet owners dump their pets before the holidays because they don't want to pay for a cat or dog sitter. Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed. Most rescuers only can take in so many because of space.  Thank you to the many holiday fosters that stepped up and opened up their home for the holidays. It made a world of a difference.
Already with the new year we welcomed 2 new fosters. That means we were able to rescue 2 kittens and another adult cat.

Every month we do a kitty of the month. I chose Mika this month. She is such a sweet,  affectionate kitty and she is declawed. We don't approve of declawing but if someone wants a declaw we recommend they adopt one rather then remove the claws. She is 4 years old, likes to play, likes to be petted and is quite social. Not to mention she is beautiful.

 This is Mika, let's hope she finds a home for the new year.  She deserves it!

If you are interested in meeting her contact us at

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