Monday, January 31, 2011

Jen a 1 1/2 year old pup will be put to sleep.

We learned that a few friendly dogs were sent to the ACC in the middle of an individual trying to place them. One of these dogs we are trying to help, her name is Jen. She is 1 1/2 years old. She receives great ratings in her SAFER test at the shelter and she is a total doll.  She was meant to die Monday, Jan 30th in the morning. We called in and we have 48 hours to find her a home or raise enough money to pay for boarding.
As a rescuer we see so many animals that are dying every day because they catch a simple cold or there is not enough space or funding to feed them.  It is extremely frustrating. I don't even look at the lists we receive because it is heartbreaking to know that these cats and dogs, someone's pet, will die because their owner was irresponsible.  Already this year we have rescued 4 cats that were found outside. One of them many of you know, Lee, a 4 month kitten who's ears fell off from frostbite. How can a human do this. Leave a kitten outside, or throw him outside.

Jen and her story fell into our lap and we are now trying to do everything to save her. We are trying to find a foster home. One person was interested but her roommates said no. If you can donate anything it will be used to board her until we find a foster or permanent home.  Don't let Jen die because some human kicked her out.

 I am a co-founder of A Tail at a Time. My 3 cats and one foster cat would not be happy with Jen. Our other co-founder also has too many foster cats. Jen gets along with other dogs, we don't know her history with cats. to help

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