Thursday, February 11, 2010

Furry Valentine Candidates!!

Today's first Furry Valentine candidate comes to you with a lovely haiku:

endless emerald pools
soft striped wool purring deeply
Princess Leia love

Our second contestant today is Hoss:

This is Hossifer Jones (Hoss for short), and he is the most amazing soul on the planet - the mold was broken when this kitty was made 6 years ago! Hoss is an excellent cuddler, and has the most soothing purr. When snuggling, he pulls his claws in, reaches up to my face and literally pets me back while staring at me lovingly with his big green eyes. He let's me hug, kiss and smoosh him and always acts happy to see me. He is the softest prettiest kitty in the world, and has inspired me to change my life and study veterinary technology. He also inspired me to be a vegetarian, and helped me to realize the undeniable sentience of all animals! Hoss has been through a lot this past year - he lost his sister Bella (whom he had never been a moment apart from) a year ago to a congenital heart defect, and then his older brother Cashmere in November to renal failure - that's a lot for a kitty with such a big heart, but he is a survivor. He is now a big brother to young Apache, and what a grand role model he is!

Erica H. 

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