Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mother and Child(ren)

This mother (three-years-old, mild-mannered, negative for FeLV) and her four babes were pulled from the Animal Care & Control euth list this past Saturday, December 19. They were to be euthanized immediately because they have ring worm. Unfortunately, animals that require extra medical care are often euthanized, not because it isn't worth it to care for them, but because there are no extra funds to do so. This is also the reason kittens and puppies are the first to go - it's more expensive to care for them than it is to care for adult animals.

These cats are safe now, but they need a foster or forever home as soon as possible. Rescued along with them was a four-week-old black kitten who also has ring worm and also needs a foster or forever family.

If you can open your home and your heart for this family, email We take care of all the medical expenses, you provide meals and love.

Thank you! And always opt to adopt!

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