Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A kitten found outside with a herniated bladder. Meet Miguel.

Miguel was rescued from our co-founder's neighborhood where he was a favorite of a person, Miguel, who has fed outdoor cats for more than twenty years. He told us that Miguel had broken his leg at one point. When we took him to our vet he could not find any signs of a fracture but discovered that his bladder had herniated through his back just above his tail. Most likely he was kicked in that area.

The surgery was $500 but is well worth it! Miguel is so young (7 months old) and is such a sweet little black kitten who deserves a loving home.

He is still at Narrows Hospital.
Miguel spent an extra week at the vet because of a slight fever and to monitor drainage from the surgery. He is now recovering nicely in a foster home. He has started to play periodically again and is eating well. He should return to state of good health in the next few weeks. Next stop, looking for a purrmanent home.

Your donation helps us continue to help animals like Miguel. Kitties find outside depend solely on public donations.

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Thank you for saving a life!

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

How wonderful that you reached the 100% mark. (I just stumbled across this post.) Beautiful kitten. My alpha cat plays rough but stops short of hurting. Our other two cats do not. I guess it is an in-bred trait, as well as a trained one.

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