Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miss Mia Needs A Home

Mia Helena is a 6 month old female kitten in need of a good home.  She's a beautiful and playful tabby kitty with a white chest and white paws.  Here is a picture:

Mia's  eyelids were formed from birth so that her eyelashes turned inward and abraded the eye surface.   Her previous guardian did not address this. Eye surgery has corrected this so that she is now free of pain and the eyelashes no longer brush against the eyes.  Her eyesight was slightly diminished but is now stable. 

About 9 months ago, I adopted my kitten Maya from A Tail at a Time, who has a similar problem with her vision.  She can see close up if there's a lot of light, but not so well from a few feet away.  I bring this up, because I can understand how many people may be nervous about adopting a kitten that's not physically perfect, but I want to assure anyone who has those concerns, that truly, cats are resourceful and resilient animals and they can get a long just fine in these situations.  There can even be a more special bond between an owner and animal they've chosen to love, despite an imperfection.

Here are a few pictures of my cat Maya, so you can see what I mean:

Here she is lounging on a shelf in my wall unit...

 and in the sink...

and hanging with her brother, Attila.  (Attila, btw, has no vision problems, and yet can be quite a challenge, while Maya is a dream.)

As you can see, she has no trouble getting around whatsoever, and she brings nothing but joy to my life.  I'm sure Mia Helena will do the same for her future owner.

If you're interested in learning more about Mia, you can view her adoption page here:  You can also email or call 917-216-1748.

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