Monday, June 14, 2010

Sassy needs your help!

! U R G E N T ! 

A Tail At A Time is looking for help with a gorgeous 6-month old purebred 
pitbull named Sassy who will be put to sleep on SATURDAY. She is an owner-
surrender who will be given up on Saturday, June 19th to NYC Animal Care 
& Control. She has been brought there once before but was brought back 
home due to a doctor's diagnosis of health (they thought she was sick but 
she has a clean bill of health). Now, the landlords have stepped in saying 
it is illegal to keep large dogs in the building. 

Chithra of Sentient Creatures reached out to us for help with Sassy, and 
we went to visit her. She is truly a beautiful puppy who is eager to go on 
long walks in the park and be your best friend. All she wants to do is run! 
Chithra does what she can, and bought Sassy a leash and collar, and comes 
every day to replenish her water bowl. She is asking for our help and now 
we are asking for yours.

If you can help Sassy, please let us know. Please also feel free to post this 
anywhere that you can. She needs a foster or permanent home by Saturday 
the 19th, or she will be put to sleep. E-mail us at
if you can lend a hand.

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