Friday, May 14, 2010

Positions Available

We have new volunteer positions available!  Do you love animals but can't have pets?  Are you a student who needs community service hours?  Interested in learning more about animals or helping out more?  We are looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

Adoption counselor -- An adoption counselor visits the home of a potential adopter, sometimes with the new cat or kittens in tow.  During the home visit the counselor gives the Adoption Seminar, a short talk that teaches new pet owners about proper nutrition, health, and other important aspects to having a new pet.  Adoption counselors also follow up with new adoptive parents to see how things are going.  Training is provided.

Foster mentor -- 
A foster mentor is a contact for new fosters in case they have questions or concerns.  A foster mentor provides guidance, tips on how to take good photos of the animal up for adoption, how to keep the animal safe, and information on behavior and health.  This is a position for someone who has experience with foster animals.

Transport -- 
-This person ferries cats and kittens to new homes, to and from foster homes, events, and vet appointments.  When we need transport we send out an alert and whoever is available offers help. Notice is anywhere from 2 days to a few hours. We're looking to add names to our email list!  Can we add yours?

Spay/Neuter Coordinator -- This position is great for someone who is great with data, records and is really organized.  The spay/neuter coordinator maintains records of which animals have been spayed/neutered, who need to get fixed, when they're due to get fixed, et cetera.  The S/N coordinator also keeps in touch with adopters to notify them of upcoming surgeries and to schedule appointments with our vet. 90% of this job is done over the phone and computer.

If interested or you have any questions, please email

And remember ... THERE WILL BE KITTENS!

P.S.  We still need volunteers to cover shifts at our adoption event tomorrow.  Can you come spend an hour with us?  Email!

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